This is As a Deaf Ear, my 14th solo album-a-day. This one is a special concept album. In addition to the normal rules of the album-a-day project (all music composed and recorded in 24 hours, no out-takes, etc.) there are new rules meant to simulate what it's like to compose music if you're deaf:

  • You can't listen to what you're playing, not while you're "writing" nor recording. That means speakers off for synthesizers, and for anything else you need to distract your ears by listening to something loud on headphones while you play the instrument. I prepared a special 60 minute noise CD for this.
  • You can't listen to the songs after you make them, until the entire album is done (sequenced, post-produced). No peeking!!

    It's probably pretty obvious that this makes it hard to make an album. But I like the way mine turned out. If you can't take listening to the whole thing, I suggest "3 Bone," "In Reston, with Nintendo," "Space Pen," "Presampled Typing," and "Transformers Do Not Feel Pain." Since I sometimes mixed the vocals too low, you might want to look at the lyrics.

    If you like something less experimental, I urge you to listen to my other albums, recorded with the benefit of hearing: [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13]

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    Playlist for home

    1. Presampled Typing
    43 sec.
    2. Their Own Cholesterol
    65 sec.
    3. Bedazzle
    17 sec.
    4. Not a Profitable Selection
    37 sec.
    5. The Lovable Cynic
    40 sec.
    6. Some People Have Become Complacent. Including Me.
    82 sec.
    7. 3 Bone
    69 sec.
    8. Something I Heard
    25 sec.
    9. Faster Drawing
    51 sec.
    10. A Foray into Dating
    38 sec.
    11. Corresponding Harmonics
    78 sec.
    12. Cavitate Me
    29 sec.
    13. In Reston, with Nintendo
    57 sec.
    14. From Can to Cranium
    183 sec.
    15. Transformers Do Not Feel Pain
    55 sec.
    16. Space Pen
    57 sec.
    17. Delicate Desiderata
    234 sec.
    18. The Jammy Smith
    74 sec.
    19. False Brineling
    62 sec.