Tom 7 AAD #19: Quad Emotional Damage
Quad Emotional Damage

This is my 19th album-a-day. This one is a special concept album, the idea being to "use" the sadness from a recent break-up to like, fuel the creation of emotional music. This worked for Graham Smith with "Ponyoak", which is like one of the best lo-fi indie rock albums ever, so why shouldn't it work for me?

Actually, it turns out that spending a whole day writing self-deprecating songs doesn't really make you feel much better, and as I've always contended, if you suffer while making music, you must expect that your listener will suffer when hearing it. Sorry about that. I do think there are a couple great songs on here, so you can try to find them or use the handy indicators. I tried really hard to not have "filler", but made my life even harder by insisting that I'd use nothing but guitar and voice, and no gimmicks, so I'm not sure I succeeded in that.

Also, I feel the need to point out that not all of these songs are factual, they are merely themed after real events or feelings or cliches or whatever.

My other albums are no less oblique, but less pathetically self-involved: [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18]

And hey, I even made two albums with the girl that is the subject of this one: [H1, H2].


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1. Mean ♥
132 sec.
2. Blue Period
53 sec.
3. Waiting Game
70 sec.
4. what are u runnin from  lol
127 sec.
69 sec.
6. re: sorry
75 sec.
7. Fire Tom Murphy
98 sec.
8. Why Doesn't this Man Have a PhD in Love
117 sec.
9. Aloof
118 sec.
10. Let's Just Be a Couple
76 sec.
11. Pull Up if I Pull Up
140 sec.
12. Losing Streak
79 sec.
13. Wretchedly Sophomoric
70 sec.