Tom 7 AAD #21: Exile on Atari ST
Exile on Atari ST

This is my 21st album-a-day that I made by myself. The Atari ST was my first computer growing up.

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1. Good Bike Heaven
88 sec.
2. Exile on Atari ST♥
111 sec.
3. "Too Early To Call the Stagnant Liquid a Toxic Soup"
99 sec.
4. Sugar Pills♥
110 sec.
5. Official Rules of Baseball♥
119 sec.
6. No Star
73 sec.
7. I Like Living in the Ice Kingdom
44 sec.
8. You Were Injured
98 sec.
9. Caltrops
91 sec.
10. House of Hodgman♥
153 sec.
11. Barometric Pressure
82 sec.
12. Free State Project
132 sec.