Tom 7 AAD #22: Conditional Independence Day
Conditional Independence Day

This is my 22nd album-a-day that I made by myself. I made it on July 4th and 5th 2008.

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1. Post-Glacial Identity
89 sec.
An iceberg with anxiety disorder risks withdrawal pangs for a chance to feel again—but is the melting glacier a metaphor for the disintegration of a relationship, or is it the other way around?
2. Oddity
101 sec.
Given the wherewithal by watching VHS archives of their favorite childhood television shows, a young couple attempt unlicensed surgery to remove a vestigial craniopagus twin from their newborn child.
3. New York Welcomes You
233 sec.
An out-of-state visitor gets a rude reminder that ignorance of the law is no defense, but a lucky blunder allows him to escape—only to find himself embroiled in a life of crime.
4. Theme from LOST
108 sec.
A flight from Australia crashes somewhere in the Pacific, and the passengers must fight to survive—but who are they fighting?
5. EURion
50 sec.
A clerical error leaves an important project sixty seconds shy of its intended length, but time stretch technology allows an impulsive recording to save the day at the last minute—literally.
6. This Works on Average
124 sec.
A svelte woman needs a tracheotomy after shouting so many times at men who pick her up—literally.
7. Conditional Independence Day
200 sec.
A prodigious youth attempts a record-breaking marathon session of Dromedary Kong—but in his haughty carelessness is defeated on level 5.
8. Dioramarama
121 sec.
Upon closer inspection, an extra credit project proves to be a sophisticated and manifold booby-trap.
9. Poison Control
168 sec.
A cable installer unable upsell his customer to the extended package connives a complex long-term poisoning gambit—in an attempt to turn a later visit into a sexual encounter.