Tom 7 AAD #23: sk7 or die!!!
sk7 or die!!!

This is my 23nd album-a-day that I made by myself. I made it on December 13th–14th 2008.


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1.Sun beam melts ice girlfriend
110 sec.
2.A for amateur
105 sec.
3.Contessa with the shoes on
79 sec.
4.Contains lemon-lime taste idea with no natural-seeming flavors
95 sec.
5.The gift of beer: the gift that keeps on giving for 45 minutes
99 sec.
6.Butter car
120 sec.
7.Investment banking is a myth
80 sec.
8.Cricket chirps or mp3 artifacts? You make the call
76 sec.
9.Nurturing Parent v. State of Mississippi
98 sec.
10.Dynamite lettuces
139 sec.
11.Some old coffee in the new coffee
145 sec.
12.Theme from Costco
144 sec.